Niamh Hickey

Personal Profile

Niamh Hickey is a University Teacher in Educational Leadership at the University of Limerick. She is a qualified post-primary school teacher and has completed an Irish Research Council funded PhD which was an exploration of distributed leadership practices in Irish post-primary schools. She teaches courses on school culture, mentoring and coaching, and educational leadership for the 21st century.

Research Interests

Niamh’s research interests include but are not limited to educational leadership, organisational behaviours, power and empowerment, and workplace bullying, well-being.

Selected Publications

Bruce, P., Bruce, C., Hrymak, V., Hickey, N., and Mannix McNamara, P. Staff Stress and Interpersonal Conflict in Secondary Schools—Implications for School Leadership. Societies 2022, 12(6)

Snow, N., Hickey, N., Blom, N., Mahony, L. O., & Mannix-McNamara, P. (2021). An Exploration of Leadership in Post-Primary Schools: The Emergence of Toxic Leadership. Societies11(2), 54.

Mannix-McNamara, P., Hickey, N., MacCurtain, S. and Blom, N., 2021. The dark side of school culture. Societies11(3), p.87.

Mannix McNamara, P., and Hickey, N. (2020) ‘Educator Well-Being: Ignoring systemic stress at our peril’ In: ‘Ireland’s Yearbook of Education 2019/2020’. Dublin: Education Matters.