Judith Carmody

Personal Profile

Judith is a facilitator of learning, an Author and a specialist in bullying prevention. She develops and delivers Life Skills programmes which are based on her books and encourage an Ethos of Personal Safety. One of Judith’s greatest rewards is supporting those who have experienced or are experiencing bullying behaviour. Judith encourage the co-bully(s) or target(s) to take that first step and start their journey of self-love and self-protection. Her mission is to reach those who are entangled in aggressive, manipulative and demeaning environments, give them the power of choice and the knowledge that they don’t have to tolerate anybody else’s dysfunctional behaviour.  

Judith is a CPA, (Certified Public Accountant) with a Master’s Degree in Finance. She completed Train the Trainer – Bullying Prevention and Intervention in Dublin City University. In 2020, she was awarded, Inspiring Change through Social Innovation  Certificate with Distinction- Bill Drayton, CEO, ASHOKA, Washington, DC, Innovators for the Public.  Her book Co-Bully No More is on the literature list of the International Association Workplace Bullying and Harassment (IAWBH)

Judith’s Life Skill’s education programme encourages the target(s) to develop their Best Self and their Safe Self. Her Resilience Toolkit for Educational Mindset Transformation promotes skills to express Safety and Well Being. The programme Best Self – Safe-Self offers the following insights:  

  • The encouragement to develop highly effective communication skills to SELF-EMPOWER and engage with people without losing your Best Self. 
  • The self-awareness to develop Life Skills and change the MINDSET of tolerating bullying behaviour.  
  • The understanding, to process what actually happens during an episode(s) of bullying behaviour. 
  • The vocabulary skills to express the trauma experienced and the ability to articulate this trauma to a Health Care Provider. 
  • The Role of Conscious Leadership  

Research Interests

Judith’s research interests include bullying prevention, communication, the building of life skills and personal safety. 

Selected Publications

Carmody,  J. (2017): Published Co Bully No More ISBN 978-0-9955931-0-7.  Co Authored : Finding Your Voice. The Power of YOU. ISBN 13: 978-0-9987636-2-0 Publishing Consultant, Professional Woman Publishing, LLC, USA

Carmody, J. (2018 ): Unwrap the Gift of YOU. ISBN 978-0-9955931-3-8 Publishing Consultant, Professional Woman Publishing, LLC, USA. Violence in the Workplace. LPM Loss Prevention Magazine Inc. Georgia, USA Publisher WB Nixon.

Carmody J. (2019) The Role of the Bystander(s) Poster Presentation, World Anti Bullying Forum, Dublin City University, Ireland. Co Authored: The Total Woman. Intelligence in the World of Work.ISBN 13:978-1-7325088-2-8. Publishing Consultant, Professional Woman Publishing, LLC, USA

Carmody, J. (2020) Co-Authored: Leadership, Courage & Confidence. Honoring the Light Within – Conscious Leadership. Publishing Consultant, Professional Woman Publishing, LLC, USA