The aim of our work is to provide a platform for research and professional development that is driven by a positive and holistic agenda. We seek to promote and disseminate cutting edge research across a range of fields with the express aim of improving organizational relationships and behaviours.

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Behaviour in Organisations Research Group (BORG) aims to bring together researchers and practitioners for collaboration and knowledge sharing in all aspects of organizational behaviour. This group stimulates research across a range of areas that include leadership, workplace behaviours, bullying and harassment, and seeks to make pragmatic recommendations in order to eradicate bullying.

BORG advocates for a deeper understanding of the impact of organizational culture and practices on health and well-being as well as person centred and empowering leadership practices in organizations. We challenge the pervasive and deleterious impact of new managerialism; neoliberalism and performativity on organizational culture and practices. Through this, we promote well-being, dignity and respect for all.

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