The aim of our work is to provide a platform for research and professional development that is driven by a positive and holistic agenda. We seek to promote and disseminate cutting edge research across a range of fields with the express aim of improving organizational relationships and behaviours.


Societies Special Issue

Workplace Health Promotion: Workplace Bullying and Workplace Wellness

Guest edited by Patricia Mannix McNamara and Margaret Hodgins

Deadline for submissions 28th July 2022.

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It’s almost here! Global Workplace Bullying Awareness Week 16th -22nd October 2022. It started in USA with Gary Namie, PhD and then Linda Crockett, Canada. Linda invited other countries including Ireland. Judith Carmody CPA representing Ireland joined this POWERFUL global event in 2019 with one mission to create PSYCHOLOGICAL SAFE WORKPLACES. Our purpose is to create awareness that an employee can no longer be at psychological risk, injury and danger in the workplace. Organisations must ensure the right to safety for every employee in the workplace. The message is simple only psychological safe workplaces will be tolerated but this is only the beginning of a global movement. Let’s start this week together and show support and unity. ONE VOICE. Ireland 4th year joining Workplace Bullying Awareness Week 2022. 

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Behaviour in Organisations Research Group (BORG) aims to bring together researchers and practitioners for collaboration and knowledge sharing in all aspects of organizational behaviour. This group stimulates research across a range of areas that include leadership, workplace behaviours, bullying and harassment, and seeks to make pragmatic recommendations in order to eradicate bullying.

BORG advocates for a deeper understanding of the impact of organizational culture and practices on health and well-being as well as person centred and empowering leadership practices in organizations. We challenge the pervasive and deleterious impact of new managerialism; neoliberalism and performativity on organizational culture and practices. Through this, we promote well-being, dignity and respect for all.

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The Power of Ethical Culture : Championing Ethical Culture V Toxic Culture ©

Organisational Culture is the in-house shared behaviours, values, beliefs, vision, mission, and goals that exist in the every day to day running of a business or organisation. Culture is the backbone of an organisation; it steers and creates the overall workplace environment, directs the inherent employee’s connection and engagement.  The organisational powerhouse influences the culture …

Students with Disabilities in Higher Education

We are delighted to introduce a guest blog by our colleague Teresa Shiels, whose insights encourage us to think about some of the challenges faced by students with disabilities in higher education. The environment of third level education is an important site of power that facilitates the dominance of certain groups over others through language …

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